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 Selling complete reef system

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Selling complete reef system Empty
PostSubject: Selling complete reef system   Selling complete reef system EmptyFri Dec 20, 2013 12:53 am

I am selling a 55 gallon drilled system

It comes with:
overflow box
yellow tang - medium
2 clownfish pairs medium
1 one spot fox face
1 hippo tang small/med
2 firefishes
orange spot goby
2 yellow damsel
falco hawkfish
niger triger fish
blue fin damsel medium
three stripe damsel

3 long spine urchin
2 large hermit crab
12 smaller hermit crabs
banded brittle sea star
condy anemone
2 scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp

80lbs of live sand , 80 lbs of live rock
the system also comes with return pump and it's plumbing
as well as a wet/dry set up with filter balls
All you need is some lights and filters! ( Lights and powerhead NFS)
Also willing to sell live stock (Fish, corals ) by itself ; and equipment by itself
All for $600
My loss is your gain!
For more info text: 813 482 4943
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Selling complete reef system
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