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 Stuff for sale

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PostSubject: Stuff for sale   Stuff for sale EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 6:24 pm

[QUOTE=Nicholas41;21832554]This is what is left from my 40B

120 Watt led unit- 80$
Stuff for sale Image_zps5ad13db0
Stuff for sale Image_zps5fdc9cfb

Live rock Rubble 20#- 15$
Stuff for sale Image_zps83ef58b6

Digital timer-15$
Stuff for sale Image_zps07372b91

Stand for 40B or 65 gallon- 35$
Stuff for sale Image_zps52a87cf5

Modded 150 with a MJ1200 and Biopellets- 40$
Stuff for sale Image_zps8a68a182
Stuff for sale Image_zps096ab543

Koralia 550- 15$

*Willing to take trades towards*
-Candy Apple Red or orange zoas, Bowser Palys, JF BloodShots, Hallucintation Palys, or Electric Oompa Loompas, Chong Bongs[/QUOTE]

-Nick G.  pirate
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Stuff for sale
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