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 Any aquaculture experience opportunities around?

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PostSubject: Any aquaculture experience opportunities around?   Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:58 pm

My name is Meghan. I am feverishly trying to find somewhere around the Tampa area with an open internship or part time job position that is willing to train someone with no experience. Does anyone know of anything open?
Currently, Lowry and the FL Aquarium have no open positions. I tried calling smaller businesses but got the 'no time to train someone without experience' response. How rude?

I was wondering if the USF Aquarist Club had any internal projects involving aquaculture? I know its a relatively new club and I'm glad to see it has grown so much in two years. I've seen other colleges with aquarist clubs that teach aquaculture hands-on, and have access to (or even run) a lab where they keep several tanks, fresh and saltwater. I hope maybe someday the club grows enough to work towards that. I'm about a year away from completing my Marine Biology degree, and I get turned away for having no real experience - and my 10 gallon tiger barb and danio tank could barely pass as anything.

Does anyone have any ideas about local opportunities?
And can we work out some way to get a club lab going? (I would LOVE to get that going)
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Any aquaculture experience opportunities around?
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