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 Drew's 20 Long

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PostSubject: Re: Drew's 20 Long   Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:11 am

Shrimp update time

Sorry if some are slightly out of focus.  The camera was being meh tonight

Anyway these guys came right out within minutes of the food going into the tank tonight.

These guys started heading over as well.  I've got some runners coming on my grass so I'm pretty excited since this tank isn't a higher light/tech setup

This little guy came out as well.  I love these guys

Here's the last one eating, more had caught on by this point.  They were moving pretty quick as well.  I should be getting some tank shots during break after I complete some maint.

Any questions please feel free as always Smile Comments are welcomed.  I should have a few pics of the scape up soon just trying to get stuff done for class!
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Join date : 2012-11-09
Posts : 457

PostSubject: Well overdue for an update   Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:51 pm

Update!  There's going to be a lot of pictures for this one.  

So It's been a busy few months and there's been a lot of growing in going on.  I'm most proud of the dwarf sag which seems to be carpeting on it's own with some creative planting here and there!  I've been letting a residual amount of algae grow in the tank, namely on the filter housing and along where the gravel and glass meet, since I always see shrimp in those areas of the glass picking at it happily.

Here's the view from the front corner Smile

The view from the other front corner, you can see my 55 and moss area in the background as well as where I sit 95% of the time when I'm home.

This is the view as you're standing in the kitchen.  You can see that the dwarf sag is running along the back as well.  All this started from two tiny nodes about 8 months ago

I've got some trimming work to do with some of the older leaves, plan on getting to that here at some point after finals -- however you can see how dense it's starting to become and all the runners that it's shooting out.  I just trimmed the riccia so it's still refilling in....

Here you can see a CRS enjoying her time on the C. Red.  I've been seeing a lot of plantlets start at the bases of these plants

If you look through the base level algae that I leave, you can see a baby CRS.  Not sure how old this one is, but I've got 7 of them in here at last count -- they're really hard to catch with the camera, and tiny as you can see!

My needleleaf java fern is starting to spread out, but I'm finding that it grows at a very slow pace.  Seems to be doing alright though, I just haven't seen any plantlets on it yet, anxiously waiting for it too!

And I'll leave you with another shrimp picture Smile These guys seem to love going through the denser areas of the carpet to come back out to the sparse areas and then back through the denser areas.  I noticed the babies doing this today as well.

On my list

  • Adding more CRS  -- Hurry up Speedie Wink
  • Maybe some floaters, not sure, I'm thinking about it
  • Continuing to work on the carpet
  • Updating this thread more often Smile

Biggest thing I've learned about having a 360 viewing tank is that it's A) for some reason hard to keep clean especially the side facing the kitchen and B) remaining super vigilant on scraping the upper portions of the glass is a must

This tank gets so much attention from everyone that comes by.  Much more so than any other tank I have!

Thanks for coming by and if you have any questions or suggestions, you're more than welcome to reply :hihi:
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Drew's 20 Long
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