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 Treasurer Candidate Bio

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PostSubject: Treasurer Candidate Bio   Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:11 am

Nicholas Groene is running for Treasurer uncontested so there will be no election polling for this position. However, please take a look a Nicholas' Bio posted below. Glad to have you continue as our Treasurer! Congrats, Nicholas! cheers

Nicholas Groene Bio:

Please tell us why you would like to hold this position on the Aquarist Club at USF Executive Board (max 150 words):

I have been in this position for the past two years and really enjoy it. This coming year I would love to serve as the treasurer again.

Please tell us what makes you a good candidate for this position (max 150 words):

My previous experience and involvement with the club in general would make me a good candidate. I have prior experience submitting PO’s and helping set up events and budgets.

Please tell us what changes/improvements you plan to make to our organization if you are elected (max 150 words):

I plan on running the club as smoothly as I can, and will adjust and be open to any suggestions given by club members to help improve the organization.

Are you currently a member of our online forum? Yes, or no? If yes, what is your username on the forum?

Yes. Nicholas41

How many participation points has this candidate acquired during the 2012-2013 school year?

Not applicable (current officers can't earn points)

~Samantha snorkel

Founder and Former President of the Aquarist Club at USF

100 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium

47 Gallon Macroalgae DT
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Treasurer Candidate Bio
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