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 Bob's Feathered Friends - New Port Richey

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PostSubject: Bob's Feathered Friends - New Port Richey   Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:22 pm

Just wanted to drop in a review for Bob's Feathered Friends located on Ridge Road in New Port Richey

I've been coming here for a while, most of the older (over 30) folks there have quite a bit of knowledge back by the fish and if they don't know they will let you know. Don't let the simple setup fool you, I've yet to buy a fish and get it home and have it die.

They have great deals on ghost shrimp (12/$1) which are great for freshwater tanks.

Plants can be hit or miss depending on when you get there/what they have in stock

They have a nice frequent buyer program that gives you a free gift certificate depending on how much you spend.

They are a mixed pet store (having everything from spiders to snakes, to rodents, to fish to dog and cat products) but as for the area of New Port Richey they are the best I've found for healthy fish stock so far. They have a section of salt and a variety of substrates, rocks, tanks, equipment, lights etc....
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Bob's Feathered Friends - New Port Richey
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